Music has the power to unite us. It can transform the feeling of isolation into one of belonging. And when you feel like you belong, you can feel connected and more confident in the future.

That’s why, through The Ready Commitment, TD’s global corporate citizenship platform, we are supporting over 80 music festivals across Canada to help bring people together to share unique and inclusive experiences. From national to local stages, we are connecting people of all backgrounds to learn from one another, laugh with one another, and grow together. We are thrilled to support the TD Toronto Jazz Festival; a festival that enriches lives and strengthens community.

We are proud to help open doors to a more inclusive and sustainable today and tomorrow through music and we hope you enjoy our summer festivals with friends and family.
Andrea Barrack
Andrea Barrack
Global Head, Sustainability and Corporate Citizenship
TD Bank Group

Andrea Barrack

TD Bank

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